Brian Andrews

Bad@RealityAugmented Reality Application
Director, Developer,

HominidaeA Virtual Reality Film
Writer, Director,

Bad At SportsPodcast -
Host & ProducerRadio - WLPN 105.5 FM

Espetáculo da Terra | Engage EarthDocumentary Short
Visual Effects Artist15 Minutes 28 Seconds

Oh Baby!Live Action & Animated Short
Visual Effects Supervisor8 Minutes 30 Seconds

The Eye Doctor of DeathA Virtual Reality Film
Co-Director & Visual Effects Supervisor3 Minutes 22 Seconds

LipstickLive Action Short
Visual Effects Supervisor3 Minutes

QuiverLive Action Short
Visual Effects Supervisor14 Minutes

Splash HitAnimated Short
Producer & Post Supervisor2 Minutes 23 Seconds
San Francisco Giants

Caecilian CotillionsAnimated Short
Producer & Post Supervisor2 Minutes 19 Seconds
California Academy of Sciences

Happy Hydrogen BombAnimated Short
Director & Producer2 Minutes 24 Seconds
Kuras & Mackenzie

HominidAnimated Short
Writer, Director, Producer1 Minute 49 Seconds

British WhispersAnimated Short
Producer & Post Supervisor1 Minute 14 Seconds

Cold RainMusic Video
Compositor3 Minutes 35 Seconds
Talib Kweli

RavineLive Action Short
Writer, Director, Producer4 Minutes 42 Seconds

Tales of the Maya SkiesPlanetarium Film
Motion Graphics Artist34 Minutes
Chabot Space & Science Center

Nine Levels of PowerMusic Video
Director4 Minutes 31 Seconds

NuciferaLive Action Short
Director1 Minute 45 Seconds

End of Earth Normal MapLightjet Print
10 x 8 inches

Sisu: The Death of Tom SukanenFeature Film
Visual Effects Supervisor1 Hour 31 Minutes
Moxie Films

Self Portrait in TearsVideo Installation
2 Minutes 12 Seconds

Pinwheel Triple ExposureLightjet Print
42 x 34 inches

Prescribed BurnVideo Installation
Excerpt - Infinate loop

Prescribed BurnVideo Installation
Installation View

Dyad SwarmsLightjet Print
30 x 24 inches

Foraging (In Search of a Bloom)Lightjet Print
42 x 34 inches

Self Portrait as a DioramaInsallation View
Slide Projector, 35mm Slide, Disco Ball, Motor

Flora TableauLightjet Print
45 x 60 inches

Arachnid HominidLightjet Print
20 x 24 inches

Quadruped HominidLightjet Print
12 x 18 inches

Winged HominidLightjet Print
12 x 18 inches

Two Headed HominidLightjet Print
12 x 18 inches

Six Armed HominidLightjet Print
12 x 18 inches

Amphibian HominidLightjet Print
12 x 18 inches

Bambi Part I - The Young Prince is BornLightjet Print
45 x 36 inches

Bambi Part III - Your Mother Can No Longer Be With YouLightjet Print
56 x 45 inches

Bambi Part VI - The Forest FireLightjet Print
60 x 35.5 inches

Bunny (Chimpanzee)Lightjet Print
32 x 30 inches

Tiger (Chimpanzee)Lightjet Print
32 x 30 inches